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What cars are supported

  • any car

What tracks are supported

  • any track

When to shift?

  • building up beeping sound signals that upshift time is coming
  • if beep is constant - it’s too late

Is this a cheat?

  • No, works same as crew chief and other apps
  • no buttons are pressed or any interaction with game is done
  • info is given to user using sound, nothing else

Result quality

  • the more MoTec files you have the better results will be present
  • this is based on the fact that perfect upshift needs to happen to be found and scored as superior against others

How many MoTec files per track & car do I need?

  • it depends on quality of data and how many laps are in those files
  • hard to tell. let’s say that 50+ should be perfect scenario
  • the more files the more granual turn point upshifts will be present

How to create MoTec files?

  • in car setup go to ELECTRONICS -> telemetry laps and set number of laps you want to save
  • then just drive as many laps as you can
  • on session exit file will be saved

Wet laps?

  • you can “train” score on wet laps if you want to
  • in this case you will need to remove other MoTec files from dir and run the tool
  • this will generate new numbers

I see that it is running but hear no sound

  • probably you are driving a track that have no or not enough MoTec files present
  • so no upshift numbers are created and if so, no sound

Where do I send feedback?

  • Please send email. You will find it in footer of this web page.
  • I really need feedback. Thanks!

What is the price?

  • I don’t know yet. Still in testing phase.
  • I’m thinking on free app that will cover most basics but this is still unclear. First I need to know that it works good.